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Generally, players inside the FGDs and you may KIIs arranged one numerous marriage strategies changed as a result of the dispute

Generally, players inside the FGDs and you may KIIs arranged one numerous marriage strategies changed as a result of the dispute

Refugees living in agreements, in which ladies’ minimal freedom contributes to restricted personal visibility, were shorter concerned with this dilemma than simply parents of females life away from settlements in which female have a tendency to originated urban areas and you will were used so you can fun alone.

Changes in exactly how girls realize about relationships and you may relationship

You will find a binding agreement certainly FGDs users, particularly among teenage girls and you will parents, one to adolescent girls discover marriage off their moms and dads within the start of the their teenage many years, and also to a diminished the quantity of female family unit members, school and you will childhood facilities. Although not, female away from tented settlements, individuals who mainly originated from cities and who were fundamentally a lot more experienced, mentioned that the primary supply getting eg advice is actually their particular experience and also the sites. This is not the case for ladies way of living from inside the settlements, that has minimal freedom and frequently did not have usage of cell phones or even the websites. Also, certain mothers which lived outside of the tented agreements realized that these types of practices possess altered because so many teenagers provides cell phones and more around the world visibility:

“Now, women learn everything from the online. They increased our feeling. I never utilized WhatsApp, Fb otherwise web sites whenever we was basically inside Syria. I didn’t need mobile phones. I found myself not allowed for a cell phone up until I become doing work. We used to be even more traditional, although the problem differs today, each member of the family features a phone.” (FGD having single twenty-two–24 years of age female)

“The mobile was teaching all of our students that which you. It did not have a telephone in Syria. We simply got a landline as well as never ever tried it. This particular technology got an adverse effect on all of them. The truth is youngsters who are only 10 using WhatsApp and you can Twitter https://getbride.org/sv/makedonska-kvinnor/.” (FGD with moms and dads regarding unmarried 18–19 years old female)

Perceptions throughout the age at the marriage

While most married feminine got partnered prior to turning 20 from inside the Syria, there clearly was an over-all agreement among ladies (partnered and you may unmarried) your minimal ages of matrimony shall be 20 for women and you will twenty-five for men even after being displaced. Nonetheless, moms and dads away from newest teens frequently differ, because so many parents believed that age in the wedding might be reduced in a context of displacement, and many stated that they’d wed their daughters at period of 16–17 if your prospective bridegroom was indeed compatible and you may financially separate. Some dads thought that feminine should marry within a more youthful decades, as early as 15, there is going to be a broader age difference in the new fiance and bridegroom than moms and dads considered.

“She must not wed in the event the the woman is lower than 18 as the she doesn’t see one thing.” (FGD that have 18–19 yr old feminine)

“The best ages to possess girls so you’re able to wed was 18-20 yr old if the man is suitable she can marry at sixteen or 17.” (FGD having mom from solitary 18–19 year old feminine)

“Girls should get hitched on decades 15 and you may above, whereas boys need to have hitched when they’re at the very least 18 additionally the ages difference between this new bride-to-be while the bridegroom would be to be 5 so you’re able to 15 years.” (FGD with fathers from 18–19 yr old women)

Demands in order to matrimony membership

The players inside FGDs agreed one to “Katb Kitab,” “an enrollment off matrimony around Shari‘a law,” try truly the only particular wedding acknowledged and you can recognized by the really Syrians into the Lebanon. not, many Syrian refugees don’t finish the brand new courtroom membership of its matrimony. A beneficial feminine performing from the a major international NGO explained:

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